About us

As a planning Consultancy, the planning team at Caprim can assist you with the planning and development of your programme; at tender stage, contract award, during project execution and post contract matters. In this regard, you will be provided with either part time support or full-time support to produce, manage and maintain the programme in order to provide contractual compliance (and more).

Caprim has extensive experience in programme management that spans the domain of the built environment, using all the popular planning softwares (Candy CCS, Primavera and MSP).

At Caprim our planning ethos is inspired by tomorrow’s aspirations – your tomorrow’s aspirations. In that regard, Caprim aims to protect your bottom line by assisting you to successfully deliver your portfolio of projects. The Caprim team is committed to developing strategic, inventive, transparent and client-focused solutions to complex challenges, adding value over the entire life cycle of a project.