Services Rendered

Tender Programme

  • Setting up tender programmes in line with tender drawings, specification documents, method of construction and contractual requirements.
  • Tender programme durations are calculated using production rates derived from tender allowables.
  • Depending on the programme software being used, the tender programme can be linked to the Bill of Quantities, making it possible to forecast quantities, values and resource usage.

Baseline Schedule Setup

  • Setting up a baseline schedule with accurate links driven by resources and taking into account the method statement for each project.
  • The baseline is set up to meet requirements of different forms of contracts (GCC, FIDIC, NEC and JBCC), calendar requirements such as weather data, milestones, specific item sequence etc.
  • Resource loading with usage graphs.
  • Planners available to assist on an ad hoc basis or full-time basis.
    from tender stage through to execution.
  • Baseline programmes are compiled in consultation with project manager/engineers/site agent to ensure ownership of construction schedule for execution purpose.
  • Activity durations are production rate based.

Progress Updates & Reports

  • Sound planning entails daily, weekly or monthly site progress updates.
  • Updates can be done by one of our planners visiting the site on an agreed frequency, which is normally once a week. With complex projects, a planner can be placed on site, where progress is monitored on a continuous basis.
  • The site-based planner will develop execution programs hand in hand with site personnel. This enables the site personnel to focus on all upcoming key dates and milestones.
  • With every report, a dash board indicator is developed that highlights problematic areas of the project.

Claim Related Services: Forensic Planning

a. Baseline Review

The starting point for any claim of extension of time is having a sound baseline program. From the outset, Caprim will conduct a review of the baseline programme. The baseline programme review provides our clients with an indication of the reliability of the contract programme.

The review process entails:

  • An evaluation of the proposed contract programme,
  • A review of project documentation and follow-up actions, as necessary, to determine the validity of the program to the satisfaction of all parties involved.
  • The use of critical path method (CPM) to identify the critical path(s) and assess whether the programme meets recognised good practice.
  • Assessing the proposed methodology used to measure contract performance and progress and to determine if processes and systems are structured to enable the accurate recording of progress and change.

b. Forensic Schedule Analysis

Our schedule analysis experts specialise in prospective and forensic (retrospective) schedule analysis by using the following industry-recognised schedule delay analysis methodologies:

  • As-Planned versus As-Built Analysis
  • Window Analysis (Contemporaneous Period Analysis)
  • Time Impact Analysis (Fragnet Analysis)
  • Impacted As-Planned Analysis
  • Collapsed As-Built Analysis (But-For Analysis)

Based on an evaluation of contractual requirements, project facts, the nature and context of issues being analysed, the extent of available documentation, and the applicable dispute resolution forum, Caprim will determine the schedule analysis method best suited to the project.

Project Planning Expert Witness Services

What Is An Expert Witness?

An Expert Witness at Caprim is an individual with expert knowledge within a certain field or discipline. A carefully selected representative is deployed for your case to ensure that we are able to provide independent expert reports for your case. Ours is to provide impartial, truthful and independent opinions. Our experts are there to provide an expert opinion for the purposes of adjudication, arbitration or court proceedings.

What Is An Expert Witness Report?

Caprim Experts are motivated to provide an expert opinion on the case that will facilitate the making of a decision on the dispute. We endeavour to make a clear distinction between the expert’s opinion and facts.

Expert Witness: Industry Specialisms

We have particular specialism as a built environment expert witness, and have unparalleled experience in the preparation of expert reports for the purposes of adjudication, arbitration and court proceedings.